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How do you make a wet felted picture

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To make a wet felted picture lay down some bubble wrap, a bamboo mat and a piece of voile netting. We have wet felting kits.

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Next lay the wool over the top using small pieces at a time in rows, then lay another layer of the wool going at a 90 degree angle to the first layer of wool.

Then a third layer in the original direction, cover with another piece of voile netting and drizzle warm soapy water over the top to fully soak the wool.

Then gently rub with your hands. After five or so minutes, take hold of the two pieces of voile with the felt inside and flip the whole thing over. Rub with your hands for a further 5 minutes.

Pay attention to the corners. Ensure they get rubbed as much as the middle.

You can roll your bamboo mat up and roll it back and forth on a flat surface. Unroll and change direction of the wool.

Add other wool and/or pre-felt to decorate the picture and cover and hand rub/roll or use a fulling block

fulling block

When you are happy that the wool is firm, rinse with hot water, then rinse with cold water. This will shrink the wool further. Or you can throw it in the sink (or other hard surface, but it will need to be wet)524be


Finally, rinse with warm water and leave to dry.

wet felted book cover with pre felt circles

You can add finishing touches with needle felting or embroidery and adding beads etc.

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