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pre felt Picture with nepps

Tips and tricks

  • Merino wool tops /roving is great for wet felting

wool batts

  • You can use a sheet of carded batting for the base of a picture to speed up the process
  • Making sure the edges and corners get rubbed and shaped increases straightness of the felt
  • Hot and cold water quickly finishes a piece of felt


  • Start slowly when rubbing as the felt is very fragile
  • Laying felt evenly reduces lumps and holes
  • Do not be afraid to cut the wool into shape
  • Cut edges need extra work to felt together
  • The wool will shrink a lot more in length than in width
  • Take your time
  • You can gently needle felt detail in place before wetting to keep it from slipping

wet felted flower

  • You can make your own pre felt by gently felting thinly layered wool, then drying it.

pre felt book mark

  • Wet felting tends to need more wool than needle felting as you are making a firmer felt
  • Make sure your wool is not dripping wet, to have the fibres to move in a controlled fashion.


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