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Problem-solving with felting needles


The needle keeps breaking or bending

Change to a higher gauge needle or ensure the needle always go out of the wool at the same angle it went in. Do not bend, twist, or wiggle the needle when in the wool. Watch a video on how to use a felting needle so as not break it.


The needle will not enter the wool easily

Change to a higher gauge needle or use a new sharper needle.


The needle appears not to be felting anything

Change to a lower gauge needle or use a new sharper needle


The needle is leaving large hole marks

Change to a higher gauge needle or try a twisted 40 needle. If adding fine detail or finishing, try a crown 38, 40 or 42,


The wool is disappearing into the felted item

If you try to attach eyes with a low gauge needle, it will pull too many fibres deep into the felt, rather than working on the surface. Use a higher gauge n. See our fine mix


 The wool is leaving undesired pattern marks

This is not the needle. Either the techniques you are using are not working or the type of wool is not ideal, see our wool article


The finished felt is very hairy

Use a 40 twisted, 42 triangular or a 40 crown to go over the piece, flattening and tucking in the hairs.


It is taking ages to felt

When the wool is not felting, change down to a lower number gauge needle. Also check if the needle is blunt.


Is my needle blunt?

Felting needles do blunt down with use. After each project you complete compare your used needle with a new one, if you can't tell the difference, it is good for your next creation. If there is a noticeable difference, decide whether it is worth keeping the needle and having to work harder to get the next item felted or changing it for a sharp new needle.


The needle is struggling to attach a felted limb

Use a different gauge number needle or pull some fibres loose, so the barbs on the needle have more to catch onto to help it attach.


The needle keeps hitting the wire armature

You may need to use your fingers to smooth the wool on to the wire, and only start back with the needle once more wool is added. Also try a finer needle, working slower and with more precision.

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