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Gioconda Pieracci

I have had the pleasure of being sent some of the work from serveral artists who use my supplies in their work, I have more of their photos and others work in my new gallery section in the guide needle felting section.

Firstly Gioconda Pieracci a mixed media artist who has made some beautiful felted dolls and animals there is more of her work to view or purchase at her etsy shop or Gioconda's website.

Anne Hunter

Secondly Anne Hunter how is Reborn doll artist and make the most endearing and realistic looking dolls I have seen to date to see more of her work and other reborn artists please see her website

Jackie Rubidge

Finally Reborn artist Jackie Rubidge who makes primate dolls come to life and make you want to take them home for lots of soft furry cuddles please see more of her work on her website here