Felted Pebble

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felted pebble

I hope everyone has had a little sunshine, it seems a long time in comming. It is the perfect time of year to wet felt or needle felt outside and enjoy crafting and the weather at the same time. Below is a simple felted wool pebble tutorial, these are nice and simple and look great around the house or garden.

1. Take a piece of wool roving. Roll into a ball by folding up the lengh of the wool at 90 degree angles.

2. Hold the rolled up ball and stab with a green needle. Stabbing more on top to flatted it and shapes the sides (it is worth getting a stone or pebble from the garden to copy)

3. When the pebble begins to take shape and firm up change to a red needle and continue stabbing.

4. Seperate some fine strips of white wool and place a few on the surface and stab into place to give a beach pebble look using a blue or gold needle.

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