The Art of All in One Acid Dyeing (and how to avoid common mistakes)

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Jelena Klekar

All in one acid dyes are great for dyeing wool, silk and feathers, below are usefull links with tips on successful dyeing. I have been sent some striking images of silk scarves (using our all in one acid dyes)created by artist Jelena Klekar. Graduate in fine arts Jelena has developed her own style of silk painting there is a lovely video of a piece of her work in the making on her website. She also sells her work on etsy. Dyeing with all in one acid dyes can be simple here is a 9 step tutorial to dyeing silk scarves in the microwave. Two tutorials for microwaving yarn dyeing for dummies and knitting by zen. And a good article with lots of help and tips on dyeing is dyeing for grown ups at . And finally a few helpful hints and trouble shooting when dyeing with acid dyes with darma trading company. If you need any more motivation to get started please see my gallery for more pictures of Jenena's hand dyed scarves in our gallery.