Wet Felting Tutorial, How to make Sparkling Wet Felted Christmas Bauble / Ball Tutorial

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How to Make Felted Baubles

wet felted baubles 

Tutorial for making wet felting baubles / wool beads with angelina fibres for a sparkling christmas felted bauble decoration


For each bauble you will need:


10g of wool tops                                                                       

1g of Angelina Fibres

Warm soapy water

A piece of bubble wrap or plastic sheeting


To finish

Needle, thread and ribbon or scraps of fabric.

*Please read all instructions before beginning the baubles


Step 1


Cut 1g of Angelina fibres into small sections approximately 1-3mm in length. Spread these fibres out on to your bubble wrap.


Step 2

Take a 10g section of wool. Gently hold one end of the wool and pull away a few wisps of wool (1/2 - 1g) (You are saving this section of fibres in case you have any cracks later) Roll the remaining wool into a tight ball by folding at right angles along the legth, and keep hold of the ball so it keeps it’s shape.


Step 3


Get a jug or bowl of warm water, add some soap to your warm water (a low foaming washing up liquid or rub a bar of olive oil soap into the water) dip the wool ball into the water, remove and then very gently start to roll the ball in your hands. Roll for approx 5 minutes (see picture above) keeping the pressure at a minimum. The ball should not be slipping in your hands. If it is rinse a bit of the soap off.


Step 4


If you have any cracks forming, either pull a few fibres from one side of the crack over to cover it, or cover the crack with the saved wisps from step 2 (dry your hands before you do this) see picture above. Re-dip the ball in the warm soapy water.


Step 5


Repeat step 3 for a few minutes if you have added wool. Then roll your ball on to the cut Angelina fibres on the bubble wrap trying to cover the ball evenly. If you have any clumps you can always remove them by pinching the excess off. Roll the ball for 15 – 25 minutes as pictured in step 3 and step 5 using the bubble mat as added friction. Every few minutes re-dip the ball in the warm soapy water


Step 6


When the ball is getting firm you can drop / bounce it in the sink and squeeze it in alternate hands. If you dip the ball in alternating warm then cold water this will help quicken the felting. When you are happy with the firmness of the ball rinse in clean water until there are no soap suds, squeeze the excess water out, reshape and leave to dry for a day.


Step 6

To finish with ribbon take approx 3” of ribbon sew the ends together then sew onto the ball OR


 felted baubleFelted ball / bauble

With fabric scraps cut a strip approx 2.5” in length by 0.5” in width. Sew a doubled thread through a small top section of your ball and knot ends together to form a loop then tie fabric in a knot (covering your thread join). Done!


You can also sew on sequins, beads or French knots.


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